Santa Sessions are Monday, Dec 3rd - ONE DAY ONLY!  We are donating our time (and of course, so is Santa) to help raise money for the TCA Robotics Team.  Sessions are limited, and by appointment only.

Session Options

Children Session (3 or fewer children) 10-minute session only $25.  Includes the session and one digital file of your choice.

Family Session (up to 2 parents and 3 or fewer children) 15-minute session only $40.  Includes session and one digital file of your choice.

For 4-6 children, please book one extra Children's Session.  For 7-9 children, please book 2 extra sessions.  Location is not suitable for more than 9 children.

For example, if you want a family session and you have 4 kids, please book one Family Session and 1 Children's session. Or if you are a grandparent and you don't want any adults in the session but you want all 7 of your grandchildren in the session, please book 2 children's sessions.  PLEASE BOOK THESE BACK TO BACK if at all possible.  We will try to move your session around if this doesn't work out, but it will be easier if you book them together.

After your session, you will have the opportunity to view and choose your one image PER SESSION. So if you purchased 2 sessions, your purchase includes 2 digital files. You may purchase additional images at the following prices:

Each additional digital file is $25 each.  Or you can purchase ALL the files from your session for $175 for one session, or $225 for 2 sessions or $275 for 3 sessions.

BOOK HERE, while sessions last!

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